It’s all over

An old Table Tops newspaper with the headline: ‘It’s all over’.

This edition of the military newspaper Table Tops was published on Victory in the Pacific Day 1945.

The image was kindly provided by Vietnam veteran Don Limn, whose mother L/Cpl Janet Redway kept several editions of Table Tops. She was serving with the 2/9th Australian General Hospital on Morotai Island (in what is now Indonesia) when the war ended.

As a nurse’s aide, she was caring for Australian POWS recently liberated from Changi and Ambon. Despite contracting tuberculosis on Morotai, she returned to Australia and married her Tobruk veteran fiancé the same day. She died at age 92.

Table Tops was an Australian Army newspaper issued free to the troops published by the Australian Press Unit. It was first published in the Atherton Tablelands in 1943 and later in the war it was published on Morotai Island.