Thank you from a grateful nation

Acknowledging the significance of the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, DVA will produce a Commemorative Medallion (pictured) and Certificate of Commemoration.

9 July 2020

Front and back of the Commemorative Medallion for the 75th anniversary World War Two.

Every living veteran of the Second World War is eligible for the medallion and certificate, by application. While Australia can never repay the debt we owe the almost one million Australians who served, this medallion and certificate are a small but meaningful way we can thank living veterans of the largest global conflict of the 20th century.

The medallion reverse design utilises the poppy as the central symbol surrounded by the wording of ‘Australia Remembers’ and the beginning and end years of the Second World War.

The obverse design will feature the Commonwealth Coat of Arms, wording of appreciation and identify by name theatres of war that saw the significant involvement of Australian Armed Forces.

The medallion will be presented in a display case and will include a card that explains the design and contains a brief expression of thanks. The theatres of war detailed on the medallion are based on locations identified within the Commemorative Courtyard of the Australian War Memorial.

The design of the commemorative certificate will complement the medallion. The design includes the Commonwealth Coat of Arms, ‘Australia Remembers’ wording and the beginning and end year of 75 years of the anniversary, that is, 1945-2020.

The certificate will be contained within its own folder that will allow for independent display, framing and mounting, or as a memento for other family members of the veteran.

Eligible veterans can register for the Commemorative Medallion and Certificate of Commemoration from 1 July 2020 via the DVA website or, for those without internet access, via phone on 02 6191 8217.

Medallions will be distributed during August 2020. Please note that the final medallion to be struck may vary in size, scale and design from the image.