Safe Zone — Veteran Support 24/7

It takes courage to reach out for support, and sometimes it is easier to do this anonymously. For this reason there is a new telephone support line available to any member of our veteran community.

7 July 2020

Through Safe Zone Support specialised counsellors with an understanding of the military culture and experience can offer you care without needing to know who you are. When you call, it is up to you how much or how little personal information you share, and your calls are not recorded.

Whether you have an immediate need or want someone to talk to about longer-term issues, our counsellors — who are trained mental health professionals — are well placed to support you where and when you need it.

If you choose to provide Safe Zone Support counsellors with personal information, it will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Act. To better understand your privacy considerations, visit Safe Zone Support.

Safe Zone is being hosted by Open Arms but is a separate service. It can be contacted on 1800 142 072.

As well as this service, Open Arms — Veterans & Families Counselling (Open Arms) has a range of self-help tools that can help build resilience during stressful times. To find out more, visit Treatment tools. Open Arms is a service founded by Vietnam Veterans, now for all veterans.