Planning for staying healthy during COVID-19

One of DVA’s key priorities following the outbreak of the coronavirus has been to ensure that our veteran community receives the most appropriate care possible in these unprecedented times.

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Focusing on your health and wellbeing is essential during this time and ensuring you have the care you need from home is something our Community Nursing providers can help you with.

Your community nursing provider can develop an individual pandemic plan with you for your care if they consider it necessary. The plan will help you prepare for how to continue to have your essential needs met during the pandemic. Alternatively you can ask your provider to develop a plan with you if they do not approach you first.

Providers must give you a copy of your plan as well as copies to your family or others who support you. This is so your whole support network is aware of the care you need.

The plan might include advice on how to:

  • continue to receive the care you need
  • get your groceries
  • make sure you get your medicines and prescriptions
  • have a nutritious and healthy diet
  • seek broader community support if you need it, for example from neighbours or friends.

DVA encourages veterans and their families to contact their current provider if they require more assistance or if you are unsure of any changes that are happening with your current services. For more information on DVA’s Community Nursing program.