National Commemorative Service Australia remembers the Second World War

Logo of the 75th Anniversary of the End of World War Two. There is a red poppy and the words: ‘75th Anniversary — End of the Second World War — Australia Remembers 2020’.

This commemorative service provides an opportunity to recognise and acknowledge those Australians who contributed to the war effort and defended the freedom of nations throughout the Second World War.

The national commemorative service is being held on Victory in the Pacific Day, an annual commemoration for which Australians acknowledge that the Second World War was finally over.

This was a war like no other in history, with Australians fighting in theatres of war across the globe from Europe to North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, to Asia and the Pacific, and conflict coming to the Australian mainland for the first time.

The national commemorative service will be an opportunity for all Australians to pause, reflect and acknowledge the service and sacrifice of more than 39,000 who lost their lives, some 30,000 taken as prisoners of war and those who made their contribution in service on the home front.

While the commemorative service will be closed to the general public in order to observe COVID-19 physical distancing requirements, the service will be broadcast live across Australia by the ABC and streamed online. The ABC will also make the broadcast available to other networks to provide all members of the community the opportunity to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in a solemn and dignified manner from the safety of their home.

Full details about the national commemorative service will be made available on the DVA website as they develop.