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8 July 2020

Grow-your-own seedling kits

Grow your own living tribute to the Anzacs with one of our Grow-your-own seedling kits. Developed exclusively for the Australian War Memorial by leading gardening supplier Mr Fothergill’s, these seedling kits are available in three different species.

The Grow-your-own Flanders Red Poppy seedling kit. It is a red-coloured plastic pot and paper packaging, with the words: ‘Poppy — Flanders Red’.

Flanders Red Poppy (Papaver rhoeas)

Found growing on the devastated battlefields of the First World War, the Flanders Red Poppy is widely recognised as a symbol of remembrance.

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The Grow-your-own Rosemary seedling kit. It is a teal-coloured plastic pot and paper packaging, with the words: ‘Rosemary — Remembrance’.

Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus)

Believed to improve memory, Rosemary is also a symbol of remembrance. Sprigs of rosemary are traditionally worn on Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

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The Grow-your-own Purple Poppy seedling kit. It is a purple-coloured plastic pot and paper packaging, with the words: ‘Anemone Purple Poppy — Animals in War’.

Purple Poppy (Anemone coronaria)

Known as the Animal Poppy, the Purple Poppy symbolises the deeds and sacrifices of animals in war.

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What's included

Each eco-friendly kit comes with everything you need, including:

  • 1 x pot (made from 100 per cent biodegradable bamboo fibre)
  • Soil pellets
  • 1 x sachet of seeds
  • Instruction leaflet, including planting advice.

Please note: These items are not available for delivery outside Australia.