Input wanted on DVA’s consultation framework

Every three years DVA’s National Consultation Framework (NCF) undergoes a review to ensure it continues to best serve the interests of veterans and their families.

6 July 2020

The NCF is responsible for formal consultation between the serving and ex-service community and the Department, and aims to facilitate the needs of veterans and their families are voiced and listened to, through forum structures, membership of forums, and capacity of member organisations.

2020 National Consultation Framework Review

The 2020 review is focussing on:

  • The effectiveness of the current NCF structure in facilitating communication and consultation between DVA and the ex-service community,
  • The ability of the NCF to appropriately represent the needs of serving and ex-serving communities and their families,
  • Consideration of alternative forum structures and roles, and
  • Effective and innovative ways in which to consult with the serving and ex-serving community and their families, both in the context of this review and in the future.

Your views are important to the Department and may help streamline consultation methods to make sure they are fit-for-purpose and better represent all veterans and their families.

In 2017 the Department commenced the most significant reform in its history to ensure veterans and their families can access the services they need, when they need them. Co-design is an important part of this transformation.

The review will provide recommendations around future structure for improved consultation, with a view to facilitating a more open and consultative environment within the contemporary exservice veteran landscape.

The survey will open 29 June 2020 and will be available for four weeks. The final report of the 2019-20 NCF Review will be completed in late 2020.

To provide feedback on how we can improve, please complete the survey or email us at: [at]

For more information about the NCF, visit National Consultation Framework.