A guide to better hearing with DVA

Hearing loss and tinnitus are two of the most common conditions experienced by former Australian Defence Force members. Veterans of all ages may experience one or both of these conditions due to their exposure to loud noise during military training and service.

7 July 2020

Cover of The veteran’s guide to better hearing.

Living with hearing loss or tinnitus can be difficult, as it can affect your quality of life, relationships and your ability to rest and sleep well. These conditions affect everyone differently and at times it can be frustrating and isolating.

There is no need to suffer, with many devices and treatments available to help you live a full and active life.

As clients of DVA there are a number of options available to help with hearing loss and tinnitus.

DVA funds hearing devices and services for Veteran Card holders with a Gold Card or a White Card with accepted conditions of hearing loss and/or tinnitus. Eligible DVA clients with a clinical need can access a range of hearing services and devices at no cost, this includes your assessment, fitting, training and the maintenance and repairs of items prescribed.

If you are a Veteran White holder and believe your hearing loss or tinnitus is a result of your service, then DVA will fund your appointment and any tests to determine if your condition is related to your service.

If you are a DVA client but not a veteran, you can check your eligibility on the Department of Health’s Hearing Services Program (HSP) website or call 1800 500 726.

Getting help is easy

DVA has developed a helpful guide that will assist you in preparing for your hearing appointment. The veteran’s guide to better hearing has helpful checklists to assist you in preparing for your appointment, and what you should ask when you’re at the appointment.

You can order a hard copy or download a copy of The veteran’s guide to better hearing on the Hearing services webpage.

To make an appointment with a hearing provider in your local area, visit the Hearing Services Program website to locate a provider or call 1800 500 726.