Family and Domestic Violence Strategy launched

The DVA Family and Domestic Violence Strategy 2020–25, launched by the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Darren Chester in May, aims to help our veterans, their families and DVA staff affected by family and domestic violence.

3 July 2020

Poster of DVA’s Family and Domestic Violence Strategy.

Supporting veterans and their families through times of hardship is a large part of the Australian Government’s ongoing commitment to putting our veterans and their families first.

Unfortunately, family and domestic violence can impact anyone in our community and remains largely hidden. The Government is determined to ensure veterans and their families can access support when affected by this complex issue.

DVA has listened to veterans and their families and consulted with partners across the Australian Government. It is a public affirmation of our commitment to reducing the prevalence of family and domestic violence in Australia.

The Strategy outlines the support veterans and their families can access through DVA and its external providers.

The Council for Women and Families United by Defence Service will be a key partner in the implementation and ongoing performance of the Strategy and will provide a strong voice on behalf of those who may feel unheard.

Family and domestic violence can include violence, intimidation or disrespectful behaviour in the home, workplace or wider community and is totally unacceptable.

The Strategy is an integral part of the Fourth Action Plan of the Australian Government’s National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010–22. You can find the Strategy on the DVA website.

If this has raised any concerns for you, call Open Arms — Veterans & Families Counselling 24-hour helpline on 1800 011 046. Open Arms is able to provide free counselling and crisis accommodation for current and ex-serving members and their families.