Transition programs get extra funding

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a significant funding boost to two programs that support veterans as they transition from the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The funding boost is intended to reduce the suicide rate among veterans.

The Government is providing $4.8 million to the Coordinated Client Support program, which already helps around 1,200 veterans facing difficult circumstances. Ten additional case coordinators will be appointed so that an extra 170 young and vulnerable veterans leaving the ADF annually will get guidance and a single point of contact.

The investment means the entire high-risk cohort of veterans leaving the ADF will now be covered under the Coordinated Client Support program.

The Government will also boost the resources of the Personalised Career Employment Program by $5.6 million and will expand its eligibility to another 1,600 ADF members each year looking for career development and job placement support as they set up for civilian life.

When the Prime Minister announced this funding on 7 February, he said, ‘Research shows veterans under 30 who are involuntarily discharged as being at higher risk of suicide than the general population so we want to ensure they get the support they need as they navigate the range of government services on offer.’

‘These programs are about reaching out to those veterans who need our help to ensure they get it.’

For more information on the programs, and how to access them, use the search function of the DVA website.