Health insurance that recognises veterans

For more than 66 years, Defence Health has been supporting the health of Australian Defence Force (ADF) families. The private health insurer recognises the needs of Defence families with tailored hospital and extras packages available exclusively for serving families and Reservists. And there’s special recognition for those who have served.

Defence Health understands the significance of transition and discharge for the men and women who’ve served our country. In the 12 months following discharge, Defence Health offers veterans a 10 per cent discount on their health insurance. Even if the veteran is added to an existing civilian family policy, the discount is applied to the total premium for hospital or combined cover.

Defence Health also understands the thorough medical preparations that are made by veterans in the lead-up to discharge. For this reason, the insurer waives the waiting periods that would normally apply when a veteran joins the fund within two months of discharge.

There’s also recognition for members who hold a DVA White Card, with an ongoing five per cent discount on the premium (as well as for any Gold Card holders who choose to cover themselves).

Veterans who are younger than 30 can also access a long-term Youth Discount. This discount (up to 10 per cent for people who take out cover before age 26) is available on selected hospital cover. If you meet the age threshold, the discount remains in place until age 41, and can be applied in conjunction with other veteran discounts.

Defence Health has a genuine commitment to supporting the ADF community. Being a not-for-profit fund, it does not have to distribute dividends to shareholders or foreign owners. So it’s able to give more back in benefits to members. In 2019, the fund returned $0.91 in benefits to members for every $1.00 of premium revenue.

Veterans should also note their extended family are eligible to join Defence Health too. Parents, brothers and sisters of ADF veterans can take advantage of their family’s Defence connection.

If you’re looking for a health insurer you can trust, it makes sense to check out Defence Health. Phone 1800 335 425, email info [at] or visit the Defence Health website.

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