The Memorial’s continuing story

For all generations, of all Australians, a place to honour, to learn and to heal. The Australian War Memorial commemorates our living history – for every veteran and for every Australian.

12 December 2019

When Charles Bean resolved to build the Memorial, he saw it as a shrine to the memory of the men and women who had served in contemporary conflicts, at that time.

A century on, we are living in a world that Bean could not have imagined. But one thing remains the same – there are always new stories to be told.

The time has therefore come to modernise and expand the Memorial’s galleries and buildings to give the Memorial what it currently lacks – the ability to tell the stories of the 100,000 Australian veterans who have served in the last three decades.

To create the space necessary, the project designs include a new southern entrance, refurbishment of the main building, a new Anzac Hall which is connected to the main building via a glazed link, and an extension to the Bean Building to integrate research collections and services (see picture). There will also be public realm works undertaken including additional car parking and an expanded parade ground.

The Memorial released its designs in November 2019 and these are available on its website. You are encouraged to provide feedback on the designs via the website or email development@