Listen up

If you have hearing loss as an accepted condition or hold a DVA Gold Health card, you can get assistive listening devices (ALDs) to help improve your ability to hear in specific situations. DVA provides ALDs at no cost.

12 December 2019

ALDs available from DVA include:

  • induction loops for providing hearing support in a specific area
  • headsets for watching TV
  • microphone/FM listening systems
  • door bells and smoke alarms with lights
  • telephone accessories
  • streamers that transmit sound from a mobile phone, tablet or TV to a hearing aid.

You can use ALDs in conjunction with hearing aids supplied through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program if they are required. Research has shown that the combination of a radio frequency ALD worn in conjunction with hearing aids provides superior performance in noisy environments and over distances than any hearing device alone can. 

Accessing services is easy!

Eligible veterans, widows, widowers and dependants simply need to make an appointment with their hearing provider who will discuss the best ALD options for their hearing needs.

For more information go to the ALDs page of the DVA website or call 1800 555 254.