Getting social over the holidays

Social connection is one of the most important contributors to a person’s emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. And with the whirlwind of social activities around the festive season it’s a great time to get out and connect with friends, family, people you work with and groups of people with shared interests.

12 December 2019

Being connected to strong social networks can help you feel supported, cared for, give you confidence and offer you strength when faced with difficult situations.

Unfortunately, the festive season is not a time of fun and socialising for everyone. People without good social networks often feel more lonely and isolated over the holidays.

So, if you or someone you know fall into this category, what options are available to you? A good place to start is the ‘Living Well’ pages on the Open Arms website. Our website has recently been updated and now includes more resources for veterans and their families focused on living well – including tips on being social. There are suggestions on building your social networks, links to tools that will help you establish social networks, some ideas for volunteering and links to some programs you can join.

The website also offers visitors links to our mobile apps (click on the ‘Resources’ tab) that are designed specifically for serving and ex-serving ADF personnel. These include The Right Mix which can help you manage alcohol consumption, and High Res which helps veterans and their families manage daily stress.

Importantly, if you want someone to talk to, our free and confidential counselling service is available for you 24/7, 365 days a year by calling 1800 011 046.

As Australia’s leading provider of high-quality mental health services to Australian veterans and their families, your wellbeing is our business, and we know that as a community we are stronger together.