DVA research to improve veteran health & wellbeing

DVA has implemented a new research agenda that will see investment in research into all stages of a veteran’s life: serving well, living well and ageing well.

12 December 2019

The new Strategic Research Framework will help inform:

  • the way the department interacts with clients
  • policies and programs to support the wellbeing of veterans and their families
  • health service delivery and outcomes for clients
  • our knowledge base on how veterans and their families fare across the various facets of their life
  • our understanding of how effective some of our services, programs and trials have been. 

What will DVA research

All DVA research will be aligned to veterans’ and their families’ wellbeing across the range of areas shown in the diagram, from recruitment into the Australian Defence Force, through to transition and ageing. Each year, priority areas are set by the DVA Research Board and we will announce the initial priorities soon.

The Research Board includes senior representatives from across DVA and Defence, provides rigorous accountability to DVA research and oversights the development, governance and monitoring of all research activities undertaken or commissioned by DVA.

Targeted research will bridge gaps in our knowledge, enabling us to better understand your current needs, anticipate emerging needs, and improve the services that best support those needs.

DVA has joined forces with the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare (AIHW), the trusted national reporter of health and welfare statistics. Using the appropriate ethics and privacy provisions, the AIHW undertakes analysis of veteran data to support holistic analysis and reporting of veterans’ health and welfare. 

More information

The new Strategic Research Framework will be available shortly on the Research and development page of the DVA website.

diagram showing how the framework will looking at ‘Ageing well’, ‘Serving well’ and ‘Living well’