Steve — reach out to your Transition Coach

Our veteran, Steve in Afghanistan in front of a mountain.

Steve says that the best things about serving in the ADF was the lifelong friends he made and the time he spent deployed to Afghanistan.

When it came time to transition into civilian life, Steve worked closely with his Transition Coach at his local ADF Transition Centre to make sure he was on the right track.

"For me, it was taking charge and ensuring I understood how the system works, both military and Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA), and not just relying on my ADF rehabilitation case worker due to their advice being limited to entitlements within Defence," Steve said.

Our veteran, Steve on the work site with a colleague wearing protective gear.

Steve utilised the resources available to him through Defence Transitions and the DVA vocational rehabilitation scheme including the Stepping out Program offered by Open Arms - Veterans & Families Counselling, to work in his favour.

His advice for members looking to leave the ADF is to make sure you communicate with your Transition Coach on where you want to be heading and be proactively engaged in your transition.

Steve knew he wanted to move into the resource sector. He advises, if you put your strategy in place and consistently chip away at it, "things will happen".

"I can happily say that without help from my Transition Coach I wouldn't be where I am today," Steve said.

Our veteran, Steve wearing work clothing, smiling.