Shamiso Rahman

A young veteran named Shamiso Rahman, smiling and standing in front of a sign that reads: “Aspen Medical”. He is wearing a blue suit and chequered shirt.

He is currently employed as a Project Manager with Aspen Medical working across Commonwealth health programs in response to COVID-19.

“I enjoy working in challenging environments and I get to see the tangible results everyday — saving lives and preventing sickness,” said Shamiso.

A strong social purpose is something that Shamiso was looking for in a career as he considered transitioning from permanent service after 16 years full-time and three years reserve service.

Shamiso migrated to Australia as a child from Southern Africa and knows from experience that security and freedom are not ‘rights’ enjoyed by all people.

“Security provides stability for a nation to be free. I am so grateful to be in Australia where freedom and opportunities abound and I wanted to do my part to protect our Australian way of life.”

After a year at university studying a Bachelor of Social Work degree, Shamiso joined the Army Reserves and, in 2002, he decided to provide full-time service as an infantry soldier in 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment.

Shamiso has always been determined to make the most of all the opportunities available to him both in and out of the military. Whilst serving he completed his Masters in Security and Strategy through ADFA’s post graduate program.

He started thinking about transitioning after his third and final deployment which was also the highlight of his military career and an experience he didn’t think could be topped.

During Operation Highroad, he was deployed to Afghanistan as part of team that provided protection for the multi-national senior leadership team embedded in the NATO headquarters in Kabul.

Shamiso Rahman sitting down on the ground with a fellow Australian Army soldier. They are both chatting and laughing, dressed in Army camouflage uniform and hats.

His advice for other members considering transitioning is to take the initiative and engage with ADF Transition and a Transition Coach early — before you make your decision.

“I initially started looking around for a government job or something related to my degree in strategy and security.”

Through ADF Transition he attended a Job Search Preparation workshop and completed a Birkman Method personality profile which helped him identify project management as his natural next career step. The workshop also gave him the skills he needed to develop a resume, job hunt, network and interview successfully.

“I think infantry commanders — of any level should consider project management. It really is the nature of our job — understanding the intent, planning, and directing troops to task in multi-skilled workforce. This includes promoting working together as a team, collaborating across services and in some cases — nations. We are project managers.”

Shamiso’ final posting was to Puckapunyal as an armoured vehicle Tactics instructor where he took the responsibility of training the next generation of soldiers very seriously.

“To ensure I was able to pass on my experience and knowledge to as many soldiers as possible, I worked around my injuries, in consultation with medical support, for as long as I could.”

Thank you for your service Shamiso. #OurVeterans