Murray Gordon

Murray Gordon joined the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) as a Navigator in 1976 and has performed many roles in his more than four decades of service, including more recently on a part time basis with the Reserves.

Murray Gordon standing in a room and wearing a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) g-suit. There are several RAAF fighter pilot helmets lined up on along a shelf in the background.

These roles have included Sensor Operator, Intelligence and Commanding Officer of Electronic Warfare Squadron. Murray noted, “…this diversity of jobs in this 45 years shows the breadth of experience a career in the RAAF can provide.”

Murray Gordon standing with his Husqvarna 650 Terra motorbike. Murray is wearing black and grey motorcycling gear. There is a dirt track, green grass and tress in the background.

When asked what he is most proud of in his time in the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Murray says, “I am proud to belong to a fabulous team of men and women who constitute the RAAF and who collectively do great things.”

Murray added that he is proud of his work in facilitating ADF operations in the Middle East as the Defence Attaché Abu Dhabi in 2003. He is also proud of his contribution to improve the survivability of ADF aircraft engaged in combat operations.

Currently Murray works as a Defence Liaison Officer at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. He says he enjoys working with people who care and wish to make a positive difference to the lives of veterans.

In a few weeks, Murray will mark more than 45 and a half years of service in the RAAF. Due to his passion for serving, just this week Murray has accepted a role of Chief Of Staff to the Director General Integrated Capabilities in Defence.

Even with his impressive service career spanning more than four decades, Murray says his biggest achievement is raising three daughters and a step-daughter who are all successfully contributing to the Australian community.

“Two in Defence, one at the local health level in a leading area of technology and another contributing to Australia’s foreign relations. How cool is that!”

Thank you for your ongoing service Murray.