Melinda Templeton

Women in a bright red singlet with long flowing auburn hair who is happily nursing her toddler childMelinda Templeton was looking for a fresh start away from her home town in Tasmania when she decided to join the Navy. She admits when she applied she had no idea about what it would entail or anything about life at sea.

She quickly learned all about Navy life and went on to serve her country for 12 years. Looking back at her career—half of which was spent posted to a sea-going platform—Melinda feels an overwhelming sense of achievement.

With a love of sport, Melinda maintained her connections with the netball community in each of her posting locations and is thankful for meeting some incredible people in the Navy who are now lifelong friends.

“I love being surrounded by people, and my family and friends are my world,” said Melinda.

But, with a partner also in the Navy and now a young daughter, Melinda struggled with being away from her family during her last deployment to the Middle East. With another sea-going posting fast approaching and not wanting to say goodbye to her loved ones, she made the difficult decision to leave the job she loved.

Woman and man in Navy uniform in a side-by-side embraceDetermined to try to find a new career with links to Defence, Melinda started looking for job opportunities that allowed her to use the specialist skills and training she gained in the Navy.

Her search led her to securing employment with DXC Technologies which provides simulation capability to Defence. Initially employed in a team that conducts verification and validation of systems, she has since moved into a project management role in Sydney.

“For members that don’t currently have a job to go to or the support of family or friends within their area, a transition coach will help alleviate the anxiety and doubt you may have about leaving Defence,” said Melinda.

“The options for employment assistance are excellent; I was blown away with the number of services that aid members during the transition process.”