Gordon Webb

Gordon Webb enlisted in the Australian Army in 1988. He began his career in Artillery, as an air defence gunner, before retraining as a clerk. He proudly served for 23 years, and deployed to Operation Mazurka in Egypt where he performed peace-keeping duties. He ultimately reached the rank of sergeant.

Gordon Webb standing to attention, dressed in an ADF uniform.

The thought of leaving the Army after such a long time was hard to contemplate, however Gordon knew it was time for him to look at a new career.

‘I knew educating children was what I wanted to do,’ he says. ‘While studying, I trained as a swimming teacher where I gained valuable expe­rience working with children from six months to late teens. I was also fortunate to spend some time working in the Deakin University call cen­tre where I was able to assist students.

‘Once I completed my Bachelor of Education in 2015 I was recognised by the Golden Key International Honour Society for academic per­formance. Whilst working on contract and as a casual relief teacher, I went on to complete my Master of Education in 2016 and Master of Spe­cialist Inclusive Education in 2018.

‘A career in education has provided me with the same strong sense of achievement and job sat­isfaction as I experienced within the Australian Defence Force (ADF).’

Gordon’s advice for others looking at transi­tioning out of the ADF is:

‘Reflect on the plethora of skill sets you have acquired throughout your career. Use this information to choose a career that builds on or enhances these attributes. Make a plan and max­imise the services that the ADF has when you are transitioning. Ensure you complete training in your new chosen career. Make sure you set goals, persevere, be reflective and never just settle for second best. Most importantly, be kind to your­self and appreciate the support of family and friends on your transition journey.’

We are grateful for your service, Gordon.

Gordon Webb in academic regalia.