Anthony served in the Royal Australian Navy as a Maritime Warfare Officer for 5 years. 

31 October 2019

Anthony served in the Royal Australian Navy as a Maritime Warfare Officer for 5 years. He lived in Sydney for the majority of his time in the Navy and served on board HMA Ships Ballarat and Yarra. He also had the opportunity to move around Australia and take up other seagoing and shore postings in Darwin, Cairns and Perth.

Transitioning out of the ADF back into civilian life at the age of 23, Anthony went on to study law at Murdoch University. He completed a Bachelor of Laws and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, and is admitted to the Supreme Court of Western Australia. Anthony now works as a Senior Border Force Officer for the Australian Border Force, where he engages in the coordination and planning of national operations within the Australian Border Operations Centre.

Anthony lives in Canberra with his partner after buying their first home together. He enjoys spending time in the outdoors exploring the region and, being so close to the NSW Snowy Mountains, learnt to ski this year which has become his self-proclaimed obsession.

Anthony’s love for the Navy is clear. He reflects fondly on the personal and professional development opportunities and mateship he experienced in the military.

“I draw on my time in the Navy on a daily basis. Whether it’s sharing my experiences to build rapport with others or understanding the diverse work styles of my colleagues, the Navy has left me with lifelong skills and experiences.”

Anthony on the ski fields wearing ski gear

Anthony encourages those thinking of transitioning out of the ADF to stay connected with the military and continue their service as a reservist where they can.

“I have been in the Navy Reserves since transitioning out of the full-time Navy in 2011, and have had great opportunities to continue contributing to the Navy while progressing my own career outside of the military.”