Departmental response to Daily Telegraph

Access to Gold Cards

10 July 2019

Who is eligible for the Gold Card?

Gold Card eligibility can arise from a number of causes. These include:

  • Being aged 70 or over and having qualifying service under the Veteran Entitlements Act (VEA)
  • Having a high level of service-related impairment under the VEA or Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (MRCA)
  • Ex-Prisoners-of-War
  • Certain mariners who served during the Second World War
  • Being a participant in British nuclear testing or a member of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force in Japan after the end of the Second World War
  • Being a member of a Southeast Asian Treaty Organization medical team during the Vietnam War
  • Being an eligible war widow(er) or dependant.

Some veterans may be eligible if they also satisfy the treatment benefits eligibility income and assets test or are permanently blind in both eyes.

Do you have to be deployed overseas in order to apply?

No, eligibility can arise from high levels of disability under the VEA and MRCA.

How do they apply for it and how long does it take to get it?

People apply via MyService, MyAccount or through submitting an application for the Gold Card, for qualifying service or disability pension or other eligibility pathway. 

Time taken to get the card will vary according to the complexity of the claim. 

What’s the point system about and how does that work?

Impairment points are derived from medical assessment of the degree of disability a person has as a result of an injury or condition. More information on the points can be found at

What makes you no longer eligible for the card?

If eligibility arises from something that may change, such as payments, impairment ratings, age or other factors then circumstances may arise where eligibility criteria are no longer met.  If your eligibility for the card is income and assets test based, then a person may become ineligible if they receive income over the eligibility threshold.  Similarly eligibility can be lost if impairment ratings change or alternately of living arrangements change or due to age (such as dependant children leaving full-time education).

Also wanting to understand whether all veterans over the age of 70 get a Gold Card, and whether those under 70 have to qualify through impairment points.

Not all veterans over the age of 70 years old will receive a Gold Card, only those with the relevant qualifying service. Refer to Factsheet HSV59 for further information this can be found at