Support for transition to civilian life goes online

Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, some Australian Defence Force (ADF) members and their families may wish to stop, slow down or pause their transition. Defence is facilitating this and members can get more information on how they can request a change through their Service Career Manager, or through their ADF transition coach. 

Transition coach Viv Lawrence

Experienced transition coach Viv Lawrence (above) says there are still a wide range of support options available for those members and their families progressing with their transition and leaving full-time service.

'Everyone’s circumstances are different and some transitions may need to proceed,' Viv said.

'We have been busy working on flexible ways to support members during this time, including making changes in how individuals and families can access transition information and support.'

Programs like the popular Job Search Preparation workshop are now available online and open to all ADF members and their partners, at any time throughout their military career and for up to 24 months after transition.

The Defence Force Transition Program launched in January this year also remains accessible to transitioning members and Specialist advice through the Career Transition Coaching, Personalised Career and Employment Program, and Transition for Employment Program are all being delivered virtually.

For assistance, ADF members and their families can visit the Defence Community Organisation website or contact their local ADF Transition Centre or email adf.transition [at]