Service-related claims information

DVA is committed to giving the veteran community information on claims processing to provide greater transparency on our progress. So, each month the department will publish information on processing times on the Claims Processing page of the DVA website.

Over time, we have seen a doubling of claims received by the department. For some claim types, we are receiving more claims each month than we are deciding. However, with additional resourcing we will see this turn around as we start to process more claims.

In August 2022, DVA received compensation claims from 5,328 veterans and made 5,682 decisions on claims.

As at 31 August 2022, a total of 45,183 veterans had lodged compensation claims that are waiting to be processed. This is across a number of claims programs.  

Wait times for processing claims vary according to the type of claim submitted and its complexity.

Processes are in place to ensure claims are actioned as quickly as possible once they are allocated to a decision-maker.

There are things you can do to ensure your claim is processed quickly, such as having the correct forms completed and submitting medical information when you claim.  

Please visit ‘Making a claim for a service-related condition’ to view our three-step guide to making a claim and for information on the assistance that’s available while your claim is being processed.

There are a range of services and supports available to you while you are waiting for a claim to be processed. These include: