RSL Lifecare’s disaster relief payment

A message from RSL Lifecare

March saw unprecedented levels of flooding in a wide range of communities. Within these communities, many veterans need a helping hand to get through the crisis.

NSW-based veterans in a flood-affected area may be entitled to a RSL LifeCare disaster relief payment of up the $3000. This is in addition to any government payments you may be eligible for.

The payment can take the form of paying bills associated with the disaster or an electronic funds transfer (EFT) to provide immediate respite.

To apply for this RSL LifeCare payment, please contact RSL LifeCare Veteran Services on (02) 8088 0388 or go to our website to complete the online form.

Once we have assessed you claim, it may become apparent that we can provide you with support in a range of other areas such as DVA claims, employment support and wellbeing-related programs. In which case, we’ll let you know.