Rehabilitation pilot starts soon

The Australian Government is establishing a pilot program of Non-Liability Rehabilitation, offering eligible veterans social wellbeing and employment support – without the need for an accepted compensation claim with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

Early access to rehabilitation can help veterans to improve their health and wellbeing. Under the new pilot program, a qualified professional rehabilitation consultant will help participants create an individual plan that aligns with their personal rehabilitation goals. The plan will last 3 to 6 months, and may include support in the following areas depending on the individual’s needs:

  • Social wellbeing: building new social connections in the local community
  • Employment support: assistance with becoming job-ready, changing careers, or adjusting to the civilian workforce.
  • Medical Management: obtaining a Medicare card or engaging a suitable General Practitioner.

The pilot commences on 1 January 2022 and is due to run for two years.  An evaluation of the program’s outcomes in 2024 will inform future policy design.

For more information on the pilot and how you can participate, visit Non-Liability Rehabilitation | Department of Veterans' Affairs (