Provisional Access to Medical Treatment extended for two more years

The Australian Government has today committed $33 million to extend access to free medical treatment for veterans.

The free Provisional Access to Medical Treatment program provides access to medical treatment for 20 of the most commonly claimed conditions to veterans who have lodged a claim with DVA.

“We know veterans waiting for claims to be processed need support ­– this is a challenging time and dealing with a medical condition can make it even more stressful,” Minister Keogh said.

“This funding will ensure veterans can continue to access medical treatment for their condition while they wait for their claims to be processed. Ensuring veterans have access to their treatment earlier can make a big difference to their recovery.

“The Government is committed to a better future for veterans and this program will provide them with access to medical treatment when they need it,” Minister Keogh said.

To learn more about the Provisional Access to Medical Treatment program, visit the DVA website.