New veteran cards are on their way!

New veterans' cards

Veterans will be receiving new Veteran Cards in the post from June as the old DVA health cards expire.

18 May 2020

The new Veteran Cards are replacing the existing DVA health cards (Gold, White and Orange) that expire July 2020, with all health benefits and entitlements remaining unchanged.

The new cards have been issued since early 2019, so some veterans may have received their new look cards already as well as any Veteran who signed up to the Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant.

Look out for your new card in the post, and don’t forget to destroy your old expired one (Gold, White or Orange).

Clients who have a DVA health card with an expiry date after July 2020, will be issued a Veteran Card later in the year.

The Veteran Card provides a way for the Australian community to recognise and connect with veterans and acknowledge service to the nation. As well as continuing to provide access to health services, the new cards also provide additional benefits from businesses, organisations and community groups who support the Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant.

For more information on the health benefits available to Veteran Card holders visit

If you haven’t received your new Veteran Card by the end of July please call us on 1800 555 254.