A new online program to connect young people

The Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation is all about delivering services to young people who are experiencing mental illness in the family, especially families who served in the Australian Defence Force.

23 June 2020

Their aim is to empower young people to build their resilience, life-long knowledge and abilities to be able to reach their highest potential. 

Kookaburra Kids has introduced a new online delivery program to connect young people across Australia and provide them with access to valuable sessions to improve the way they manage their families’ mental health.

By expanding their program beyond in-person camps and activity days, this will give more young people across the country, and those in rural areas, the opportunity to increase their sense of connectedness and learn safe and positive help-seeking behaviours even during isolation or within restrictions that are still in place due to COVID-19.

The sessions are run by Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation staff and volunteers and are designed to be hosted within a safe environment where young people can express themselves freely and with a supportive network present. 

This program aims to build resilience in young people and allow them to learn how to make positive choices for their emotional health and wellbeing. 

If you are an existing member of Kookaburra Kids, you can request to join directly by emailing connect [at] kookaburrakids.org.au (subject: Kookaburra%20Kids%20Connect) or call 1300 566 525. 

If you are new to Kookaburra Kids and would like to enrol a young person into Kookaburra Kids programs, visit www.kookaburrakids.org.au/refer-a-child or call 1300 566 525.