National Peacekeepers' Day

Australia has been involved in peacekeeping operations since 1947. Today on National Peacekeepers’ Day we thank all those who have provided peacekeeping services to more than 60 countries around the world.

74 years ago, on the world’s first peacekeeping operation, Australian personnel deployed to the Netherlands East Indies (present-day Indonesia) to maintain a ceasefire ordered by the United Nations.

Since then the Australian Defence Force, members of the federal and state police forces and civilian experts have deployed on more than 70 peacekeeping operations, providing services from landmine clearance, to policing support, to humanitarian aid.

Sadly, 16 Australian lives have been lost on operations. The services provided by our peacekeepers and peacemakers should be commended, and their sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Take a moment today on National Peacekeeper’s Day to acknowledge those who have served during the 74 years of National peacekeeping, and read some of the journeys from our veteran peacekeepers on the Meet our veterans page.