National Day for War Animals

M is for Mates – Animals in Wartime from Ajax to Zep is a great alphabetic book about the contributions of animals in wartime and peace operations. 

As the book says:

Animals carry messages, and transport people, supplies, and equipment. They also act as life-savers, searching for hidden explosives, or finding people and rescuing them. Animals often serve as mascots or symbols for military units, and many have been kept as pets or companions, providing friendship and comfort for their keepers during the stress of war. Animals help to feed and clothe soldiers. Some animals have even been used to persuade Australians to join up, or to assist in the war effort.

Find this useful education resource made for primary school students and teachers by visiting the Anzac Portal.

More information on National Day for War Animals is available on the Australian War Memorial website.

Cover of book M is for Mates