Management of the ATDP – Message from DVA

DVA recently announced that the ATDP’s Strategic Governance Board and Capability Framework Management Group will discontinue and be replaced by a new approach. What does this mean for the delivery of training under the ATDP?

The changes to the management of the ATDP do not include any changes to the current ESO model of managing and delivering their volunteer and paid advocacy services.

There is still some planning to do but it is expected that the changes will have very little impact on the delivery of training in the short term. The ATDP will still rely on hardworking volunteers to deliver the training and assessment programs, which will continue to run as scheduled. In the longer term, the RTO will take on more of the training management, including assessment, but this is also not expected to significantly impact on the way advocates are trained under the ATDP. The new arrangements are part of the evolution of the ATDP, and set it up to continue delivering high quality accredited training for new and ongoing advocates for the foreseeable future.

Further information will be provided via the ATDP website ( as these changes are implemented.