Don’t fall for false health ads


Veterans and their families need to be wary as there are misleading advertisements by third-party referral organisations purporting to offer health and wellbeing services that will be funded through DVA Veterans Cards.

22 June 2020

DVA advises veterans should be wary of advertisements and representations made by marketing organisations wrongly claiming to be offering health services funded by DVA.

When it comes to advertising, DVA has strict guidelines that all DVA allied service providers and third party marketing organisations must comply with.

Veterans should be cautious of any advertisements and representations made by marketing organisations who are not affiliated with DVA, and to not disclose their personal information to any non-health care professional.

The misleading online advertising targets veterans by saying that DVA will pay for services like gym memberships, yoga and mindfulness programs through DVA Veterans’ Cards.

Tactics may include the unauthorised use of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms and DVA’s entitlement card logos, advertising health services not covered by DVA and that may result in out-of-pocket expenses to veteran clients, and collecting sensitive personal information.

Veterans and their families are encouraged to access DVA’s website to learn more about DVA's funded health services

A copy of the full advice about the advertising is available online.