Commemorating the end of the First Gulf War

This meant the official end of the First Gulf War.

Australia's involvement in the Gulf War included providing escort and logistic support during combat operations and continued in the form of humanitarian efforts after the ceasefire.

Today we remember the sacrifices of all those who served during this war, including that of the more than 1,800 Australian Defence Force personnel between August 1990 and September 1991.

There were no Australian casualties during this war, however, Australia’s coalition partners lost members of their armed forces – who we remember today.

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Four people in uniform inside a tent  

Two members of the Australian Service Contingent, Operation Habitat, in a tent with Royal Navy colleagues. Identified from left to right; unidentified, unidentified, Captain Jane Morris (Medical Officer) and Captain Gilbert. The Australian Service Contingent provided aid to Kurdish refugees fleeing Iraqi forces in the wake of the Gulf War. Four Australian teams of five personnel travelled in excess of 150 kilometres from the base camp each day providing humanitarian assistance to refugees.