Anzac Day — Students say ‘Thank you’

Some messages from Connells Point Public School in Sydney thanking veterans for their service and sacrifice are below.

From Sophie, 11 

Dear Veterans,

Even in these circumstances where we will not have any ANZAC services, please remember that Australia will never forget your bravery and courage. We will never forget the people who died in Gallipoli in battle, and never forget the soldiers who came back from battle, traumatised for eternity. We will never forget the word ANZAC and we will commemorate those who passed, forever.

Lest We Forget.

Drawing of a dove with key words of respect by TaylaFrom Owen, 10

Anzac Day remembrance

Dear Veterans,

Veterans who died in war are now remembered for their sacrifice. Now each year everyone celebrates what they died for and why. All the soldiers fought in the war at a young age, saving many innocent and individual lives. And many of them are Australian.
Every year on April 25th we pay respect to those who have sacrificed themselves for many others even if we can’t do anything in return. The veterans fought well and never gave up and ended the war, to all those who have died and made a sacrifice for everybody, [they]are truly unforgettable and they have all earned a day to celebrate them once a year called ANZAC day to let us remember them for eternity and never forget.


A poem by Petra, aged 11

Their patrol hats shine in the sparkling sun, 
Newly bought and so much fun.
Their faces are strewn with utter delight, 
Not knowing they’ll have to put up an immensely strong fight.
The Turkish soldiers climb their way, 
Over the hills and into the bay.
The Anzacs are settled in their boats,
Done up nicely in their new coats.
They won’t stay this way for long,
 In the bay the Turkish are loaded and their arms held strong.

The Turks are set on Gallipoli’s coast,
They’ve held their ground no need to boast.
BANG! An Anzac has fallen,
To hold their position the rest crawl in.
Let’s now raise a toast,
To honour and commemorate those who fell on the Gallipoli coast.