30th anniversary of Operation Desert Storm

With Iraq invading Kuwait in August 1990, the United Nations Security Council enacted economic sanctions on Iraq, with more than 30 countries, including Australia, volunteering more than 40,000 military personnel to help enforce these sanctions.

Australian forces arrived in the Persian Gulf in August 1990, following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.

The UN deadline for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait was set at 15 January 1991. Iraqi forces did not withdraw by this date, and 2 days later Operation Desert Storm began the coalition’s combat phase of the Gulf War.

During the 13 months that Australian forces were deployed to Iraq and the Persian Gulf, six Royal Australian Navy ships participated in operations and more than 1,800 Australian defence personnel served.

Today we remember all those who served in this conflict.

To learn more about Australia’s involvement, visit the Anzac Portal.

Three smiling men in uniform on deck of warship

On the deck of HMAS Success with HMAS Darwin in the background, Gulf of Oman, September 1990. From left: Captain Russel Shalders of HMAS Darwin, Captain William Dovers of HMAS Adelaide and Captain Graham Sloper of HMAS Success. AWM P01575.009