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Indigenous Veterans' Liaison Officers network

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are warned that the following page may contain images of deceased persons.

Indigenous Veterans’ Liaison Officers (IVLO) are able to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander veterans in obtaining their entitlements and benefits.

The IVLO’s have excellent client liaison skills and  a wealth of knowledge of services provided by DVA. They will be able to assist you with any questions you may have relating to entitlements and services provided by the Department.

DVA also has a National Indigenous Liaison Officer who provides the same services as the IVLO’s  but at a National level and is located in Canberra.

The National Indigenous Liaison Officer’s role along with the IVLO network will ensure that the Department’s strong commitment to helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander veterans, their dependants and former Defence personnel is maintained.

How do I contact an Indigenous Veterans' Liaison Officer?

If you wish to speak to an IVLO, please contact the Veterans’ Affairs Network or contact the Department on the metro or regional lines and ask to speak to the Indigenous Veteran Liaison Officer in your state.

Veterans’ Affairs Network: 1300 55 1918
Freecall: 1800 555 254

Indigenous Naval personnel

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