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Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander

  • Health care, compensation, and support
    If you served your country, either in Australia or overseas (including as a reservist), you can apply for benefits and services from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). Benefits and services may also be available to your family.
  • Indigenous 'Champion' project
    DVA is engaging the help of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander champions to spread the message about services and support available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander veteran and defence communities.
  • Indigenous Australians at war
    Indigenous Australians have served in virtually every conflict and peace keeping mission in which Australia has participated since the start of last century – from the Boer War to East Timor, and most likely Afghanistan also.
  • Indigenous cultural events and commemorative events

    Ceremonies commemorating the service and sacrifice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander servicemen and women have been organised by ex-service organisations with the support of state and local government and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

  • Indigenous Veterans' Liaison Officers network
    Indigenous Veterans’ Liaison Officers (IVLO) are able to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander veterans in obtaining their entitlements and benefits.
  • Keeping in touch with DVA
    Things you should tell the Department about.
  • Our Mob, Serving Country 100 years and beyond
    For more than a century, Australian men and women have served in the Defence Force to protect our country in wars, conflicts and peace keeping operations.
  • Reconciliation Action Plan 2017-2018
    DVA’s Reconciliation Action Plan will map our journey towards supporting increased opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff, increasing the cultural competency of all of our staff and ensuring that we provide culturally sensitive and appropriate services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander veterans.
  • Your family's military history

    To find out more about your family's military history you should gather as much information as possible about your relative.