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CVC Pilot — frequently asked questions

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Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns about the Pilot?

For registration to participate and technical support contact Tunstall Healthcare:

Tunstall Healthcare
Free Call: 1800 424 514

For your routine medical issues and care contact your Practice Nurse or GP, or in the event of a critical health incident ring 000.

If you wish to discuss the Pilot with DVA you can phone on 1800 555 254 or email the project team at

How long will the Pilot run?

The Pilot is scheduled to run for two years and will end by December 2019. The length of your participation will depend on when you start the Pilot and how long it takes you to complete the coaching app program.

The Pilot includes access of up to 12 months on the CVC Program coordinated care provided by the GP and Practice Nurse to identify with you a care plan, goals and appropriate care for you. The coaching app is part of the care plan and may take anywhere between six (6) to eight (8) weeks to complete.

Can I withdraw from the Pilot?

Participation is voluntary and you can withdraw from the Pilot at any time by speaking to your GP or Practice Nurse or Tunstall.

What if I want to go on holiday while participating in the Pilot?

If you are away from home, as long as you have mobile phone coverage you will be able to participate in the Pilot.

Will I get support in using the mobile app equipment?


During the Pilot, you will be supported in the use of the coaching app by Tunstall Healthcare.

Tunstall Healthcare
Free Call: 1800 424 514

Can I get a print out of my care plan?


You should be given a copy of your care plan as routine practice as part of the Coordinated Veterans’ Care Program by your GP or Practice Nurse.

What if I change GPs?

If you change to a new GP you may no longer be able to take part in the Pilot. This will depend on whether the new GP is in a practice that is in a Pilot site and is willing to participate. You will need to speak to your new GP.

What if I see more than one GP?

Only one GP can supervise your participation in the Pilot.  If you choose to see more than one GP whilst on the Pilot, you should make them aware that you are participating in the Pilot under the supervision of your preferred GP.

Is my personal information secure?


All data is transmitted securely and only stored in Australia. Your personal information will not be provided to DVA.

Can I use the mobile app in an emergency?


All mobile phones have the 000 emergency number installed as normal practice.

Tunstall will discuss how the app works and a number of health and emergency contact numbers to call as required.

What happens at the end of the Pilot?

At the end of the Pilot, the Pilot outcomes will be evaluated and your participation and experiences of the Pilot will be critical in determining the value of mobile coaching apps as a health care option for fellow veterans in the future.

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