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Coordinated Veterans’ Care

This page gives an overview of the CVC Program for veterans. If you are a health professional visit the CVC Program for Providers page

The Coordinated Veterans’ Care (CVC) Program is a planned and coordinated health care model for eligible Gold Card holders with one or more targeted chronic conditions who are at risk of hospitalisation.
On the CVC program:

  • your care is based on a personalised Care Plan developed by your GP along with a nurse coordinator and in consultation with you
  • your GP and nurse coordinator work with you as a team to better manage your health and quality of life
  • your nurse coordinator contacts you regularly to monitor your health and your progress against your health goals
  • your nurse coordinator gives feedback to your GP and helps you make appointments with other health care professionals
  • you can get support to increase your social connection within the community through CVC Social Assistance.

The CVC Information for Veterans Brochure contains more information about CVC, including who is eligible and a case study to explain how the program works.


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