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Rehab@DVA — Vol. 5 No. 3 — March 2019

CLIK Rehabilitation Policy Library – improving policy information

Screen capture of the CLIK Rehabilitation Policy Library websiteA project to improve rehabilitation policy information is about to commence within the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). The project will focus on content in the Rehabilitation Policy Library within the Consolidated Library of Information and Knowledge (CLIK).

The project’s key aims are to revise information within the CLIK Rehabilitation Policy Library and ensure it provides clear policy statements in a consistent way.

This will happen by:

  • simplifying the content and structure;
  • using a templated format for ease of reading;
  • rearranging the existing 16 chapters structure into a more logical and smaller number of key groups; and
  • extracting program and procedural information content.

A standard header will be added to CLIK Rehabilitation Policy topics to indicate when revision has commenced. The header will be removed when the content has been updated.

The CLIK Rehabilitation Policy Library’s keyword index will be progressively updated to assist with searching for and locating revised topics which may have relocated in the new structure.

Updates will be provided at key milestones of the project and information on the new structure will be provided on completion of the work.

DVA will endeavour to minimise any disruption to the rehabilitation policy information available in CLIK - please bear with us while we are improving and revising this resource.

If you have any feedback or areas of concern that you would like this project to consider, please email, subject: CLIK REVIEW.

DVA Rehabilitation Program Section news

Provider Operational Guidelines

Work is currently underway on a series of new operational guidelines for Rehabilitation Providers. These documents will complement the work being undertaken in the Rehabilitation Provider Improvement Project by supplying detailed instruction to Rehabilitation Providers in the delivery of services to veterans. Currently in development are guidelines on Psychosocial Interventions and Rehabilitation Consultant Applications for Approval. These guidelines will be published on the DVA website in coming weeks. Any feedback or questions you may have in relation to the guidelines are welcome, and may be submitted by emailing

DVA Consultant Approval Process

Businessman listening on a phone while reading a documentThe newly-formed Rehabilitation Program Section has taken ownership of the processing of applications for approval to work with DVA clients. The application process is being refreshed, and Providers can expect to see a new guideline and a revised application form in the near future. We are working toward a one-week turnaround in applications, and we are currently processing a high volume of applications. To assist us in our commitment to a timely turnaround we request that multiple applications are not sent in one email, and that application forms and CVs are submitted as separate documents. All new provider/consultant applications and queries must be directed to the inbox. Using the mailbox ensures that a member of our team will be able to access and respond to your query in a timely manner. We greatly appreciate your assistance with this.

Provisionally-registered health professionals

Since the introduction of the new Education and Training Guideline in February this year, Providers have been seeking clarification about the qualifications of consultants who undertake Vocational Assessments due to information provided in the appendix of the guideline.  Please note that to avoid further misunderstanding the appendix has now been removed.  A guideline for Vocational Assessments will be produced in the future. 

In the interim the following advice applies for provisionally-registered psychologists and rehabilitation counsellors seeking approval to work with DVA clients:

  • In order to practice, provisionally-registered psychologists and rehabilitation counsellors must be receiving clinical supervision toward full registration by an accredited clinical supervisor of the same profession.  This clinical supervisor may be external to the company.
  • A provisionally registered psychologist or rehabilitation counsellor will also require mentoring by a senior consultant within the company for the duration of their provisional registration period.  This mentor may be of another discipline as long as that mentor is approved by DVA with no restrictions and has three years’ experience working with veterans. 
  • When consultants are applying for approval to work with DVA, provisionally-registered professionals must nominate both their mentor (internal to the company) and their clinical supervisor (may be internal or external) to be eligible for approval to work with DVA clients.

Sharing Success

Screen capture of the CLIK Rehabilitation Policy Library website

Chris Pooley - Find your direction

Read the full version of this success story

Transitioning from one way of life to another can be stressful and difficult to negotiate even for the most resilient of individuals. In our latest rehabilitation success story, Chris shares his experience of life in the forces which ended as a result of a back injury to transitioning to a new beginning that involved study, work placements and eventually a new career. Chris navigated his journey and achieved his goals with the support of DVA and a rehabilitation provider who were able to guide him through a challenging process. Having a plan and forward moving steps in place freed Chris of a lot of the apprehension and uncertainty that goes hand in hand with massive life changes. Chris and his family are now thriving in a new way of life.

Chris openly offers advice to Veterans who may be unsure on the direction they want to take post discharge especially when faced with starting a new career. He advocates for veterans to work collaboratively with DVA and rehabilitation providers who are able to give guided support and tailored advice on the many possibilities available post discharge.

Read the full version of this success story

From the Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Over the past few weeks, I have had the pleasure of meeting with a number of our providers in Brisbane, Townville, Sydney and Canberra.  In the coming weeks, I will be travelling to Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth.  I also have a number of phone calls scheduled with providers in May and June, as well as visits to Darwin and Hobart planned for June.

So far, the meetings have been really valuable.  I have noted the feedback about how important it is to have a single point of contact with DVA and you can have the confidence that when we begin to roll out the single operating model, that you get the same information, at the same time on what DVA’s expectations and requirements are.  I know that the influx of study requests is creating some issues for you, but hopefully this will settle down soon.  Remember that I am always available to answer any questions you have.


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