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Membership to your local Diabetes Organisation

DVA now pays for eligible DVA clients’ membership to their local state or territory diabetes organisation.Free membership to local diabetes organisations

This membership allows DVA clients living with diabetes to access the latest research, information and support services so they can better understand and manage their overall health and reduce the likelihood of complications.

Membership benefits

As a Gold or White Health Card holder membership to your state or territory diabetes organisation will provide access to:

  • a member magazine and website
  • a DVA client specific online portal (currently in development)
  • workshops and support groups where people living with diabetes can meet others in a supportive community
  • peer support and education programs
  • a booklet developed specifically for DVA clients

DVA Factsheet - HSV144 Diabetes state and territory memberships

Local diabetes organisations:

DVA has developed a range of booklets with the state and territory diabetes organisations to support this initiative. These booklets detail the services offered by your local diabetes organisation with your membership and provides an overview of support services that DVA provides to eligible clients living with diabetes.

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