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Veterans' Health Week 2019 — events

Primary focus for VHW funding or events

Theme: mental wellness

All events must reflect the 2019 VHW theme: mental wellness.

DVA aims to ensure that events are in line with this year's theme, so participants can attend VHW with an expectation of learning what is available to them in relation to mental wellness.

Eligible organisations

Ex-services organisations or community organisations with established links to the veteran community are eligible to apply for VHW funding or to register an event (unfunded events).

Eligibility information is available in the VHW funding and registration guidelines.


Funding and registration application form — updated

The application form D9310 (PDF 190 KB)* has been updated. We've simplified the funding formula to increase support for organisations.

*See the instructions for filling in this form


DVA can provide funding of up to $720 per event.

Applications close

Applications close 12 July 2019.

Data reference number

The data reference number (DRN) is allocated to applications once they are received by DVA.

The DRN helps us to identify each application, and will be used in correspondence between DVA and the VHW event organiser.

All events funded and non-funded (registered events) receive a DRN.

Event ideas

A list of event ideas, based on the theme of 'mental wellness' is available on Veterans' Health Week. Listed in the accompanying box are other features to assist you when planning your event.

Features of a successful event

Connect Connect your event to the annual theme
Tailor Tailor your event to Veterans' Health Week
Collaborate Work with other veteran, service or community groups
Include Encourage participation and include wider community participation
Reach out Reach out to veterans and their families
Embrace Embrace the VHW themes on an ongoing basis
Achievable Budget predictions are realistic, other funding may be sourced

Event planning and promotion

It's important to consider how the VHW event you are planning supports this year’s theme and is relevant for those who will be attending. Also, informing people, organisations and the media in your community about your event will increase interest and attendance.

Read the VHW event guide, available on Veterans' Health Week, for further information.

Products and resources

A list of VHW promotional product ideas and resources is available on Veterans' Health Week.

Providing promotional products give participants a useful reminder of the event, and hopefully is a product that they’ll continue to use in the future.


VHW coordinators

Each state and territory has a DVA VHW coordinator who can help you with your questions about VHW — contact details are listed on Veterans' Health Week.

Contact DVA

For more information, contact DVA via one of the following:

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