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Logo guidelines (VHW)

Logo and branding requirements

Recipients of DVA funding for VHW events must use the VHW logo on any promotional or information materials for their events (logos provided below).

Use of the Australian Government Coat of Arms alone is not permitted.

Suitable products only

Promotional products using this logo must be compatible with the VHW aims of promoting a healthy lifestyle — for example, use of the VHW logo on a beer stubby cooler would be unacceptable.

Logo usage

The "Veterans' Health Week" text in the logo is required to be a minimum of 6mm high on all printed materials to ensure readability. Any size larger than this is permitted, provided the logo size ratio is maintained and the image is not distorted, as shown in the following images:

A red cross (left) next to a skewed image (stretched horizontally and shrunken vertically)

A red cross (left) next to a skewed image (shrunken horizontally)

A green tick/check mark (left) next to the Veterans' Health Week logo that has the correct proportions/ratio.

Alterations to fonts, colours, or other graphical elements of the logos are not permitted.

Samples of the available logos are provided, for download, below. To download a file, right-click on the link you want to download, select Save Target As and nominate a location on your computer to save the file.

Commercial use

To obtain logo files for commercial application, contact your DVA VHW Coordinator (details on Veterans' Health Week).

Logos for download

Landscape orientation

Portrait orientation

Further information

Please contact the DVA VHW National Coordinator at to:

  • clarify any aspects of these guidelines
  • confirm suitability of proposed promotional products under these guidelines, or
  • request approval to use the logo and branding in a way contrary to these guidelines.
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