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Funding and registration guidelines 2019 (VHW)

What is Veterans' Health Week?

Veterans' Health Week (VHW) is a Department of Veterans' Affairs' (DVA) program that aims to generate interest in, and raise awareness around, improving health and wellbeing for former and current serving Australian Defence Force personnel, their families and carers (known as the veteran community). Four priority health and wellbeing issues have been identified as themes for VHW — they are physical activity, nutrition, mental wellness and social connection. These themes rotate on an annual basis. VHW is held over nine days and includes two weekends to increase opportunities for participation.

In 2019, VHW will be held from 26 October to 3 November. The VHW 2019 theme is mental wellness. Events can be either DVA funded or registered (DVA funding not required). DVA-funded and registered events are included in the VHW events calendar.

Purpose of VHW funding

The purpose of VHW funding is to encourage and assist ex-service organisations (ESOs) and community organisations to deliver events during VHW for the benefit of the veteran community.


Eligible organisations

An eligible organisation is one that is either of the following:

  • an ESO
  • a community organisation (incorporated or unincorporated) with established links to the veteran community.

Ineligible organisations

You are not eligible to apply/ register if you are:

  • An individual
  • DVA contracted providers and/or health care professionals
  • Australian Government departments, agencies and statutory authorities
  • A organisation that has outstanding VHW acquittals
  • Overseas organisations or individuals
  • An organisation receiving other government funding for the same purpose as the VHW event
  • State or Territory Government departments, agencies and statutory authorities
  • A local government organisation

If you would like to be involved in VHW and are not eligible to apply for funding, or to register a VHW event, consider what support you can provide to a VHW event — noting the theme. DVA recommends that you approach local ESOs and community groups with established links to the veteran community and advise them of your interest in VHW and the services you could provide at a VHW event.

Financial support from DVA

DVA can provide limited funding to ESOs and community organisations to deliver an event that supports the annual theme. Organisations can include activities in their event that support the other VHW annual themes, however the main focus of your event should support the current annual theme. DVA funding is provided for events that are held during VHW. However, we may consider funding an event that falls within a fortnight of VHW — that is, two weeks before or after VHW. DVA does not pay invoices directly, instead DVA provides funds to the group organising the event, who is then responsible for paying all expenses.

(i) Standard funding

ESOs and community organisations can apply for VHW funding between the amounts of $200.00 to $720.00 (GST incl.). If your event costs $720.00, DVA funding will cover the cost of your event. If your event costs more than $720.00, you can apply for up to $720.00, knowing that extra costs need to be covered by your organisation. Please note, partial funding of events may occur if the demand for funding exceeds the national budget.

(ii) Additional funding

At DVA's discretion, additional and reasonable funding above the standard funding amount may be provided to support the delivery of an event held north of the Tropic of Capricorn that requires an indoor venue due to climate issues.

Use of VHW funds

Funds can be used to pay for expenses listed in your VHW application form. Please include detailed information for each expense listed so we understand how you want to spend the funds. For example:

  • Guest Speaker — psychologist to deliver one hour talk on building resilience
  • Catering/nutritionist — healthy lunch options including sandwiches/wraps and fruit for 15 people. Nutritionist to deliver talk on how food can affect your mood.
  • Exercise class — instructor to deliver yoga class and discuss the benefits of yoga for managing stress.
  • Promotion — paid adverts in local newspapers.
  • Promotional items — stress balls branded with the VHW logo.

Where catering/ meals are involved in a VHW event (funded or registered), the preference is to provide healthier options to support the overall positive health messages of the VHW program.

Funding exclusions

Organisations may not use VHW funding for the following expenses:

  • Alcohol or to provide alcohol as a prize
  • Interstate travel
  • Accommodation
  • Multiple-day trips
  • Provision of welfare/ advocacy services to organisation members
  • Motor vehicle allowance/ petrol reimbursement for private car use

Funding limits

There is a limit to the amount of VHW funds you can spend on an item, as follows:

  • Prizes $150.00 (GST Incl) limit.

Working out your budget

Realistic planning and promotion are essential to support the successful delivery of your event. You want to avoid the need for cancellations, refunds or return of unspent funds to DVA. DVA recommends that you prepare a budget and obtain some quotes so you have a realistic idea of how much everything will cost to deliver your event. As the cost for certain items could increase when it comes time to purchase, consider adding a percentage to the quote to cover the increased cost. The budget should support delivery of your event to a level that will allow you to meet your identified outcomes and the needs and requirements of your participants.

Application process

Before you submit your VHW Funding and Registration application, you are encouraged to read the VHW Event Guide and to discuss your event with your local DVA VHW State/ Territory team. The VHW Event Guide and DVA contact details are available at Veterans' Health Week. This discussion will enable DVA to provide any required advice regarding event development and, if required, how to complete the application form.

Please note applications for VHW 2019 funding and registration have now closed.

Australian Business Number

DVA prefers that all organisations or groups applying for VHW funding have an Australian Business Number (ABN) — otherwise a Statement by a Supplier (Australian Taxation Office form) is required if not already provided previously to DVA. As an alternative, a group without an ABN may partner with another ESO or similar that does have an ABN and request their funding be directed through that group.

Application process timing for 2019

Task/ activity Date
Online applications received by close date 12 July 2019
Organisations notified by email that application received by DVA. Within one week of lodgement
Applications assessed
  • As part of the assessment process, an organisation may be required to provide additional information and resubmit their application.
15 July 2019 to 16 August 2019
Approval of assessment outcomes 19 to 30 August 2019
  • Notification to organisations
  • VHW funding and event agreements signed and returned to DVA
  • Funding payments processed
2 to 20 September 2019

Successful applications

All applications will be allocated a DRN (Database Reference Number). This will refer to the current year, be specific to each state/territory and will appear on any correspondence from DVA regarding your VHW event. You must quote your DRN when contacting DVA about your event.

(i) Funded events

If funding is confirmed for your VHW event, DVA will forward you a DVA VHW Funding Agreement. This agreement will need to be signed, witnessed and returned to DVA. The authorised representative signing the agreement will need to provide Proof of Identity (POI). The POI needs to include the authorised representative's name and signature — for example, licence or passport. The POI can be provided as a photocopy. The original document is not required and the photocopy does not need to be a certified copy. The witnessed agreement and POI is required to guard against fraudulent use of VHW funding.

DVA will organise for funding to be paid to your organisation upon receipt of your completed Funding Agreement and POI.

If you receive funds from DVA, you will also receive an acquittal form* and acquittal guidelines to assist you to complete your acquittal.

*See the instructions for filling in this form, electronically

Further information is available at Veterans' Health Week.

(ii) Registered events

If DVA confirms they will register your event, DVA will forward you a DVA VHW Event Agreement. This agreement will be need to signed and returned to DVA.

DVA will organise for your event to be registered on the VHW events calendar upon receipt of your completed Events Agreement.

Further information

If you have any questions regarding the Veterans' Health Week 2019 Funding and Registration Application Guidelines, please contact the VHW National Administrator or VHW National Coordinator. Phone 1800 555 254 or email

Privacy notice

Your personal information is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988. Your personal information may be collected by the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA) for the delivery of government programs for war veterans, members of the Australian Defence Force, members of the Australian Federal Police and their dependants.

See also: How DVA manages personal information

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