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Funding acquittal guidelines (VHW)

Organisations receiving Veterans’ Health Week (VHW) funding need to complete an acquittal of funds within 14 days of their VHW event.


  • When acquitting your event, refer to the budget section in your funding application.
  • Your acquittal should reflect the expenses outlined in your anticipated budget.
  • A separate acquittal form must be provided for each event you organise.
  • Ensure you keep copies of all your acquittal documentation.
  • Non-financial contributions such as volunteer hours, sponsorships, donations and other in-kind support cannot be included in your acquittal.
  • If your event expenditure is finalised prior, you can complete your acquittal before VHW.
  • Failure to acquit, or acquit satisfactorily, may prevent access to future VHW funding.

Adjustments, refunds and repayments

  • If you didn’t spend all the DVA funding, a repayment will be required of the funding monies not spent.
  • Cancelled events will require you to repay the full funding amount.
  • A repayment will also be required where there is no acquittal, or unsatisfactory acquittal of funds.
  • Failure to acquit the current VHW funding may prevent an organisation receiving future VHW funding.

VHW acquittal process

To complete your acquittal you have two options as follows:

Option 1: Receipts

Provide itemised receipts to show how you spent the funds provided by DVA. 

  • Please add your Data Reference Number (DRN) to each receipt supporting the acquittal of your event. This is your unique organisation number.
  • Only receipts specific to your VHW event can be accepted.
  • Receipts must include itemised information:
    • what was purchased — if multiple purchases all items must be listed
    • when and where the purchase was made
    • cost of the purchase
    • for food/ meals/ catering purchased, all items must be listed — for example, type of meal/ food and cost for each item.
  • If purchases/ receipts apply to multiple events, you must be able to attribute the relevant costs to each event.
  • Start organising your receipts and acquittal information as soon as possible.
  • Complete Parts A, B and C of the VHW Funding Acquittal Form.
  • The authorised representative signing Part C of the VHW Funding Acquittal Form must provide Proof of Identity (POI). The POI needs to include the authorised representative's name and signature — for example, licence or passport. The POI can be provided as a photocopy. The original document is not required and the photocopy does not need to be a certified copy.
  • The witnessed form and POI is to guard against fraudulent use of DVA VHW funding.

Option 2: Statutory Declaration

  • Instead of receipts, complete the statutory declaration, available on Veterans Health Week. Complete Parts A & B of the VHW Funding Acquittal Form. As you are providing a statutory declaration, you do not need to complete Part C (Certification) and POI is not required.
  • Completed acquittal forms, receipts or statutory declaration must be returned to DVA (see D9311 — Veterans' Health Week Funding Acquittal Form [PDF 130 KB]* for address/ contact details).

*See the instructions for filling in this form

If you are unsure about any aspect of the acquittal process, please contact your state/ territory office to discuss BEFORE sending through documentation.

Contact details can also be found on the acquittal form.

Privacy notice

Your personal information is protected by law, including the Privacy Act 1988. Your personal information may be collected by the DVA for the delivery of government programs for war veterans, members of the Australian Defence Force, members of the Australian Federal Police and their dependants.

See also: How DVA manages personal information

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