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Veterans' Health Week

This year Veterans’ Health Week (VHW) will be held from Saturday 21st to Sunday 29th October and the theme will be Physical Activity.

The week is an opportunity for veterans, war widows, widowers, current and ex-Australian Defence Force members and their families to improve and maintain the health and wellbeing of themselves and their friends.

DVA will be partnering with ex-service organisations and community groups to develop a program of fun and interactive activities at a local level.

If you would like to hold an activity, please refer to the VHW Information Kit and Resource Guide. These documents explain what VHW is and provides details of how you can can get involved – whether for the first time or to continue your participation from previous years.


Applications have closed for VHW 2017 funding. You can still register your activity with DVA by completing a VHW activity registration form. Please refer to the VHW activities section below.


Please refer to the attached VHW acquittal form and guidelines to ensure that your organisation is aware of the acquittal requirements if you receive VHW funding.

VHW Activities

If ESOs and community groups don’t require funding for activities, we’d like to encourage them to register their activities on the VHW website, by completing the VHW activity registration form.

For a single VHW activity please complete the VHW activity registration form (no funding) - Parts A & B.

If you are holding multiple activities, for each additional activity, please complete a VHW activity registration form (no funding) Part B.

Please refer to the sample VHW application forms for assistance in completing the registration form:

VHW sample application forms for single and multiple activities are available below:

If you would like advice on how to complete the registration form – for single or multiple activities – please refer to the DVA VHW Contact list.

Registration forms must be submitted by the 7 September. This will ensure that your organisation receives an order of Men’s Health Peer Education (VHW edition) magazines and VHW resources for distribution at your activity.

As we get nearer to VHW 2017, we will provide a listing of all VHW activities in your state or territory.

DVA 10K National Challenge

This year, DVA will be holding another 10K Steps National Challenge from 21 October through to 17 November. The challenge starts in the first week of VHW, so participation is a great way to support the VHW theme of Physical Activity. Please refer to the VHW 2017 & 10K Steps webpage for information on how you can participate in VHW and 10K Steps.

VHW Promotional resources

A range of VHW promotional resources to assist activity organisers are below. Please refer to the VHW Resource Guide for further information regarding promoting your activity.

Where can I go for more information?

For more information refer to the Frequently Asked Questions and DVA VHW Contact list and speak to the VHW DVA Coordinator for your state or territory.

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