Wellbeing and Support Program 

Last updated: 
18 December 2019

The Wellbeing and Support Program provides an intensive and supportive case management service. The service may be provided if you are transitioning from the ADF or are a veteran identified as requiring extra support. 

You will be supported by a contracted specialist case manager who will: 

  • work with you to identify supports and services you need 
  • coordinate your clinical care 
  • help you access services from us and your community; and 
  • help simplify your dealings with us 

Your case manager will work closely with us to ensure you are receiving the appropriate level of assistance with your treating practitioners and community supports. 

Who can receive it 

The program is for transitioning members of the ADF and veterans. 

If they believe you would benefit from the support you may be referred to the program by:  

If we believe you would benefit from the support you may be referred to the program by our staff members, such as your:  

  • Coordinated Client Support coordinator 
  • Rehabilitation delegate 

What you can receive 

The Program intends to achieve: 

  • a focus on wellness and promoting independence 
  • greater coordination of veterans’ and former serving members’ treatment and supports 
  • increased communication between your treating practitioners 
  • earlier identification and intervention of your risk factors 
  • assistance with navigating our claiming processes; and 
  • facilitated connection with community supports and our support services 

You do not need to pay. We will cover the cost of your approved Wellbeing and Support program services. 

Things you should know  

  • The Wellbeing and Support Program provides similar support services to the DVA Rehabilitation Program. You cannot take part in both programs at the same time. 
  • Your eligibility for incapacity payments will change as a result of moving from a Rehabilitation plan to the Wellbeing and Support Program. 
  • Entry into the program is voluntary, even if you are referred you do not have to take part. If you do take part you can withdraw at any time. 
  • If you are not happy with the help, we ask that you talk to the Wellbeing and Support Program team before you withdraw. You can discuss with the team how we can better support you.