Veterans' Health Week - 1 October to 9 October 2022

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Veterans’ Health Week with the key focus on Eat Well (Nutrition)

Supporting the health and wellbeing of veterans, Eat Well (Nutrition) will be the key focus for this year’s Veterans’ Health Week to be held from 1 October to 9 October 2022. Events can be held two weeks before and two weeks after these dates. For a list of event opportunities in your State or Territory, check the National Event Calendar closer to the dates.

The closing date for VHW funding applications has been extended from 19 September to 30 September.

Please note that applications received after 19 September may not be able to be displayed on the VHW National Event Calendar.

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Eligible organisations

Ex-service organisations (ESOs) or community organisations with established links to the veteran community are eligible to apply for VHW funding or to register an event on the VHW website - including unfunded events.

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Veterans’ Health Week 2022 Guidelines, Registration Form and Statutory Declaration Form

Please note that the guidelines for Veterans’ Health Week Funding have changed. To ensure your applications meets the funding criteria please read the Veterans’ Health Week 2022 Guidelines prior to submitting your funding application.

To submit your funding application please download and complete the Veterans’ Health Week Funding & Registration Application Form and submit by email to the Veterans’ Health Week National Coordinator at vhw [at]

Please be aware that it may take up to three weeks from notification of a successful submission to receive your funding.

Please note the acquittal process for funding. Organisations will need to complete the Statutory Declaration advising you have used the funding for Veterans’ Health Week 2022 and retain your receipts for audit purposes for 5 years.

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VHW Logo and Guidelines

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COVID-19 restrictions

Should COVID-19 restrictions be in place during Veterans’ Health Week, all organisations are asked to consider the advice from your local State and Territory health department about what restrictions apply for people getting together. We are looking for innovative events to be held this year, and your local DVA community support adviser may be able to provide ideas and inspiration.

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National Event Calendar

Please double check all dates and times with the event organisers and please follow the COVID-19 health advice in your State or Territory.

Some events have restricted access and limited numbers, please note any restrictions and RSVP requirements.

Search for events in your state or territory on our calendar:

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Resources for Organisations

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Healthy Recipes

Trying out new meal and snack ideas and recipes based on the recommendations from the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating is a great way to make healthy choices and Eat Well!

Each recipe at Eat for Health combines foods from different food groups and uses a variety of foods within each group.

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We welcome photos of your events to share on our webpage and social media but will require photo consent from participants for all media by completing our photo consent form.

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Contact DVA

For more information, contact DVA through one of the following channels:

If you would like to discuss event ideas for Veterans’ Health Week 2022, contact your local DVA VHW contact. Each state and territory has a DVA VHW coordinator who is available to discuss any aspect of Veterans’ Health Week 2022.

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