Rehabilitation services

Last updated: 
15 January 2020

There are three types of rehabilitation which can be included in a DVA rehabilitation plan, and may be provided at the same time.

Medical Management Rehabilitation

Medical management rehabilitation can help you manage treatment of your medical issues or if you have severe disabilities. This could include assistance to help you manage medical appointments, treatment or medication; understand medical information; manage your self care needs; or access aids and appliances to manage the impacts of your injuries or illness.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Psychosocial rehabilitation can help you move forward following an injury, by improving functioning, recovery, community participation and quality of life. Activities are aimed at addressing barriers to your recovery and your rehabilitation goals. The sorts of activities that might be included in a psychosocial rehabilitation plan are pain management programs, counselling (either individual or group sessions), skill development, lifestyle or hobby programs, attendant care services and drug and alcohol management programs.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is focused on helping you return to meaningful and sustainable employment at a similar level to what you were doing prior to your injury or disease. Activities may include vocational assessment, guidance or counselling, functional capacity assessments, provision of aids and appliances in the workplace, work experience, work trials and voluntary work, vocational training and job seeking assistance.

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